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41 Facebook Post Ideas for Businesses

FROM HUBSPOT: When your audience discovers you’re on the Facebook platform, you can work to develop a community of like-minded consumers and deepen the connection they have to your brand. When you engage with them, you’ll learn more about their likes and interests, making it easier for you to create content they’ll enjoy and interact with.

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Instagram Marketing Roundup
Social Media News

Instagram Roundup | May-June 2017

Instagram has gathered a lot of momentum lately and it’s a fun way to interact with your local business community as well as friends and relatives. This roundup is part of my exploration into the mysteries of Instagram.

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wordpress roundup
WordPress Web Design News

May 2017 WordPress Roundup

With approximately a quarter of the internet’s websites built on the WordPress foundation, there’s never any lack of news about WordPress plugins, themes and techniques. This is the first of our monthly WordPress news roundups. Hope you find it useful.

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Grey Visual April Marketing Newsletter

In the coming months, we’ll be looking at various ways to develop content for your blog or newsletter. One of these content exploration tools is Flipboard ( Do yourself a favor and watch the following videos and read about it….. then go and look it over, using your computer, smartphone or tablet, and start a free account. 

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Email-Driven Conversions Highest on the Weekend

For email marketers, mid-week may provide the best engagement rates, but the weekends are when conversions are highest. That’s according to Yesmail, which included a day-of-the-week analysis in it latest quarterly benchmarks report

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Website Design News

Editorial Calendar Plugins for WordPress – Get Your Content Organized!

Posting consistently to your blog and social accounts is no easy task, but with one of the following editorial calendar plugins for WordPress, the task becomes way easier and even fun! WordPress editorial calendar plugins come in free and paid versions, depending on the features included. If you only need bare bones planning, then a free version may serve your purposes. If you’d rather work with a more attractive interface and more comprehensive features… then the premium plugins may be your choice.

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3 content marketing ideas
WordPress and Blogging News

Content Marketing Ideas – 3 Proven Ways to Get More Traffic & Shares

If you struggle with finding content marketing ideas that really crank up the traffic….there’s a great guest post on the Duct Tape Marketing blog that will make it a little easier for you to create posts that return a volume of traffic to your site. I’ve included an excerpt below from each of the 3 methods to get you started thinking. But make sure you click through to the whole article. Lots of examples and additional recommendations. Great stuff for bloggers…. or would-be bloggers. Read onward!

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