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Content Marketing Ideas – 3 Proven Ways to Get More Traffic & Shares

If you struggle with finding content marketing ideas that really crank up the traffic….there’s a great guest post on the Duct Tape Marketing blog that will make it a little easier. I’ve included an excerpt below from each of the 3 methods to get you started thinking. But make sure you click through to the whole article. Lots of examples and additional recommendations. Great stuff for bloggers…. or would-be bloggers.  So if you struggle with content marketing ideas, read onward!

The problem for many content creators is they aren’t sure what type of content to focus on, so they try creating everything and anything they feel like creating in the moment.

That works for some, but not for all (especially not for me).

Let’s focus on 3 types of content that are proven to get you more traffic, links, and shares.

If you focus on creating these types of content pieces you will start seeing better results.


Read on.

1. A Sure-Fire Way To Get Attention and Traffic Fast (Especially For Beginners) With A Recognition List Post

content marketing ideas - recognition list postAnyone doing something online whether that’s blogging, selling, writing, video publishing or email marketing love it when their work is recognized by others.

Think back to when you were a teenager.

Think of times when you put in extra effort into a project or a competition and you were recognized by a teacher, a friend, a parent, or a coach in a public way and on the inside it made you feel good?

In this online world, many people would love to have their work recognized – Read More

2. Build Your Brand by Connecting with and Crediting Others Through an Expert Guidebook

“81% of Americans say they want to write a book.” – Joseph Epstein, New York Times

The trouble is most Americans never write the book.

What if you could leverage the expertise of others and save yourself the 52 weeks it takes to write a novel and create an Expert Guidebook instead? – Read More

3. Over Deliver Results and Generate Readers for Life by Using the Advanced List Post

I have a confession.

I hate list posts, yet I love lists posts (I know, it’s a complicated relationship).

Every time I read a list post I end up saying to myself, “This post has a lot of tips, but I don’t have time to read through all 57 of them right now so I’ll bookmark this and come back to it later.”

Guess what, I never go back to that post.

Although lists posts are extremely popular online and yes they do attract traffic most they just list out a bunch ideas, tips or concepts but don’t show you how to take action. – Read More

John Jantsch is a veteran speaker and workshop leader with over 200 successful events under his belt. Event organizers and attendees frequently comment on the nature of the practical, actionable “takeaway” value of his presentations.

Source: 3 Types of Content That Gets More Traffic, Links and Shares Than All the Others












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