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What Do 30,000 Websites Like Yours Have in Common Each Day?

They Get Hacked! … Avoid the Growing Threat of Cyberattack with our affordable NEW security plans. PLUS: Get great Support & Marketing Freebies to help build your business!

Are You Helping Cyber Criminals Deliver Malicious Code to Your Customers & Friends?

In the 90s malicious code was primarily delivered by email. These days Internet criminals mostly use websites to deliver their “surprise packages”. 30,000 new hacked websites, on average, are identified every day (source Sophos Labs, a web security company) distributing their payload randomly to any viewer. Many small business owners think that viruses are delivered only from adult sites, online gambling, etc.  ……..but in reality the majority of these 30,000 sites are legitimate small businesses that are unknowingly passing on malicious code packages for the cyber criminals based here in the US and in foreign countries.

The Year We Got More Serious About Security….

In 2008, it happened to us here at Grey Visual!  We left an experimental E-store on our server unprotected… and paid the price when hackers used it as an “entry door” to our server. We had to entirely rebuild our server at a new host under significant pressure. The host actually became our adversary in this situation.  Not only did we have to rebuild… but also take time to de-list our domain from industry blacklists, as well. Not fun.  It gave us a new appreciation for the importance of internet security…. first hand!

“But We’re Just Small Potatoes. Those Hackers Won’t Bother with Us!”

Another widely held misconception is that hackers only go after large enterprises or government organizations. When mentioning this to clients, I often hear the following “but we are just ‘small potatoes’, why should hackers be interested in us?”. Hackers are “equal opportunity destroyers”. These online criminals have automated scanning tools searching the web looking for any vulnerable website to infect with their “viral packages”. Their target could be your little blog, a small business website or a huge corporate site. Wherever there is a vulnerability they will happily capitalize on it to spread their wares and increase the size of their “launch base” for DDOS (distributed denial of service) attacks. In fact, Grey Visual clients experience an average of 5 to 10 malicious attempts on their websites daily! (Ask for your website security log if you’d like to see these attempts on your site.)

This is why we have made a point of great security for all of you. Is it 100% guaranteed?  Well, anything that can be coded… can be de-coded by someone.  But Hackers go after the low hanging fruit that can be quickly plucked with little effort. We have plugged the most commonly used security holes. And best of all…. we are constantly monitoring and updating your sites to keep these “hacker doorways” closed. This is important because every time there are new WordPress, theme or plugin updates…. new conflicts arise. It’s important to constantly monitor these updates.

We Have Switched to a Flat Rate Subscription Model
for Security, Support & Marketing Services.

Lock in your flat rate by selecting a plan below
Members get great support bonuses & discounts

(Those who choose not to subscribe will need to learn to make the updates on their own and to fix the errors that inevitably occur now and then.)  Following are some links to help you with updates:
WordPress Website Maintenance: A Beginner’s Guide
12 WordPress Maintenance Tasks to Perform in Your Downtime

If you have questions, see the Frequently Asked Questions below:
Or ask us via our contact page
Of course you can always call us at (928) 910-4150

Security + Marketing + FREE Tutorial Plans

The Basic Essentials
Starter Bundle

Critical Updates, Backups, Optimization
$ 34
  • Free Tips & Tricks Newsletter
  • Plugin/theme/wordpress updates
  • Daily cloud backups to remote location
  • Performance check & uptime monitor
  • Spam Comment Management
  • Database cleanup for speed
  • Client Reports (monthly)
  • 24/7 Security Scans (malware repairs additional)
  • BONUS: 30 min. Free QUARTERLY Planning & Support Calls, Emails or Tutorials ($50. value)
  • Discounts for Multiple Websites
  • Peace of Mind for the price of a dinner out

Blog SEO and Support Bundle

Blog Ranking Optimization & Support
$ 100
  • Google Reports to Monitor traffic, most effective pages and so much more
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your two latest blog posts (You provide copy, we edit for SEO and design)
  • BONUS: 15 min. Free MONTHLY Support Calls, Emails or Tutorials ($25. value)
  • Discounts for Multiple Websites

The Marketing & Search Ranking Bundle

Develop Your Website's Profitability
$ 300
  • Complete Search Engine Marketing & Ranking Updates on a monthly basis for up to 4 of your most important existing pages.
  • Security Scans (malware repairs Included!)
  • Quarterly Heat Mapping best page layouts for viewer response (a $50. value)
  • BONUS: 30 min. Free MONTHLY Support Calls, Emails or Tutorials ($50. value)
  • Discounts for Multiple Websites

Frequently Asked Questions:

We don’t offer refunds for subscriptions or ala carte work. But you can cancel or downgrade at any time after the first 3 months.

Yes, absolutely. Each subscription level offers multi-site discounts.

The longer a hacker has time with your website without detection, the worse the situation gets. Three months is far too long for your site to go without security scanning, updates and backups. We have included a basic plan with daily backups. Cleaning up after a hack is no fun… and it’s expensive to pay for the site cleanup, domain blacklisting and perhaps the move to a new host.

Yes, you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time after the first 3 months. However, there are no pro-rated discounts. Your subscription will end at the finish of the subscription period and will not renew,

An inactive site is even more vulnerable… because no one is watching for inconsistencies from day to day. In this case, it is even more important for someone to be monitoring the site because the site owner is not watching. The hard truth:  If you don’t make the updates you are leaving the door open for hackers. Creating long impenetrable passwords only needs to be done once… and that is a “must”. But the updates need constant attention. WordPress plugins are made by human beings and are often flawed. They present wonderful opportunities for troublemakers. We are monitoring all of these problems for you daily. Even if a hacker managed to get by our defenses, we would close the door immediately!

Technically (smile), you can make the updates yourself. You can go into the dashboard and push the buttons that update the WordPress Core, update the theme and the plugins. In an ideal world… this would work. (We have provided links up above for those who wish to learn this)

But the Worldwide Web is NOT an ideal environment. From experience, I can tell you that almost every single time I make updates for multiple clients….. I get failures of some kind. Just the weekend I’m writing this I had two failures after updating WordPress to version 4.7. Two clients had no website for a while; just a white screen! So I had to go and determine what had caused this and fix it. Clients do not know how to fix these problems. And it’s much cheaper to have us fix them in the process than your having to call us and explain what you did….. then have us fix it. That could very well total a year’s worth of subscriptions in one day! Our subscription includes fixing any problems that occur on updating your site.

Seriously (smile)… for $15 a month, I am barely covering my costs with a few dollars left over. However, in addition to hosting…you DO get email hosting and backups in case a problem occurs.

No, Bonus support time must be used up within the subscription month.

Prices are subject to cost of living changes after a year. Notice will be given by email in advance of pricing changes.
You may cancel or downgrade at any time after first 3 months.

No, Website plugin and theme expenses are different for each client and therefore can’t be included in a flat rate subscription. They will be billed periodically in addition to your subscription to reimburse us for expenses associated with your site.

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