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May 2017 WordPress Roundup

With approximately a quarter of the internet’s websites built on the WordPress foundation, there’s never any lack of news about WordPress plugins, themes and techniques. This is the first of our monthly WordPress news roundups. Hope you find it useful. WordPress Plugins & Utilities Update Better Media Management With WordPress Real Media Library | NOUPE

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Editorial Calendar Plugins for WordPress – Get Your Content Organized!

Posting consistently to your blog and social accounts is no easy task, but with one of the following editorial calendar plugins for Wordpress, the task becomes way easier and even fun! WordPress editorial calendar plugins come in free and paid versions, depending on the features included. If you only need bare bones planning, then a free version may serve your purposes. If you’d rather work with a more attractive interface and more comprehensive features… then the premium plugins may be your choice.

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3 content marketing ideas

Content Marketing Ideas – 3 Proven Ways to Get More Traffic & Shares

If you struggle with finding content marketing ideas that really crank up the traffic….there’s a great guest post on the Duct Tape Marketing blog that will make it a little easier for you to create posts that return a volume of traffic to your site. I’ve included an excerpt below from each of the 3 methods to get you started thinking. But make sure you click through to the whole article. Lots of examples and additional recommendations. Great stuff for bloggers…. or would-be bloggers. Read onward!

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What is a Blog…and What Does it Do?

First of all….Blog is short for weBLOG, in case you were wondering. When I talk about blogging, so many business owners and middle managers ask “Why should I do that? It takes too much time and, besides, I already have a web site!”.

A traditional web site has its advantages: Flexibility of design and ability to program complex

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graphic design for essential oils practitioner website

Essential Oils For Healing: Alternative Health Education WordPress CMS Blog Design

Project Scope: Custom WordPress Home Page Design with popular Thesis theme needed custom graphics developed to attract site visitors for essential oils alternative health education blog. Project Background: EssentialOilsForHealing.com educates site visitors and Cynthe’s clients on using essential oils for first aid applications and self-help health care. Cynthe also offers consultations to individuals who need

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The Medium is Influencing the Message …. again.

The following article from the Guardian confirms that member communities like Facebook and Twitter are quickly replacing use of email. The included chart shows the impressive growth of member community usage across the planet. But one of the most important trends to note is that this growth is apparently being fueled by the proliferation of

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Your Web Site Copy is Not Set in Cement

I was highly amused to read this short post from Nick Usborne of Freelance Writing Success because it resonated with our experience developing web sites. Many clients are still stuck in the old “Print Paradigm”. They work toward a “final” version of their web page or web copy which is appropriate for an expensive print

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Using Twitter for Marketing: Great Ways to Search!

You all know I love Twitter and spend a fair amount of time there each week. The most intriquing thing about Twitter is, in contrast to Facebook, its openness. And now that Google is offering “real time” results (Twitter results) for your search terms, it has become even more useful. There are many of you

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Finding a little peace with old “technology”

Image by .mands. via FlickrI usually talk about new technologies and creative subjects that help us with our businesses. But there are other types of “technology”. Amidst the growing chaos and worry out there in the world, it is ever more apparent that all of us need something that gives us some peace; an oasis

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Practical Use of Social Media in Marketing

So you’re starting to hear about Twitter and other social media tools….but you’re wondering, “How does this fit into my business?… seems like a lot of mind-spin”. It can be too much for a small business. But if you can dedicate some time or a person in your organization to this task, there are some

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