The Medium is Influencing the Message …. again.

The following article from the Guardian confirms that member communities like Facebook and Twitter are quickly replacing use of email. The included chart shows the impressive growth of member community usage across the planet.

But one of the most important trends to note is that this growth is apparently being fueled by the proliferation of mobile handsets! The medium, or technology, is once again influencing how the message is articulated. It is a well known fact that a huge percentage of Facebook and Twitter users participate through their mobile phones…..and the trend is gaining momentum. I personally do most of my social media work through my iPhone. The applications are beautiful, simple-to-use and open with the push of a button. Can’t beat the immediacy!

Bottom line, we need to keep the growth of mobile usage in mind as we build our online campaigns. For instance, when building a blog-based web site, one might want to consider including the ability to easily view the site over the iPhone or Android.

None of this is a “done deal” yet and things are shifting and changing quickly. Email is still very popular. But we think this trend has to be at least considered in the building process. Click through below for the Guardian article.

Social networking and blogs now more popular than email, says Nielsen | Technology |

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