Your Web Site Copy is Not Set in Cement

I was highly amused to read this short post from Nick Usborne of Freelance Writing Success because it resonated with our experience developing web sites. Many clients are still stuck in the old “Print Paradigm”. They work toward a “final” version of their web page or web copy which is appropriate for an expensive print project that is “set in stone”…. at least for a while.

But the web is not print. It is a vast breathing, pulsating “Network Organism” that is changing incrementally by the day…. and hugely every few months. Your industry, your competition, your technology….. is consciously and unconsciously changing shape over time.

This means you need to review your web copy and your web positioning every few months and make sure you’re still on target.

But I’ll let Nick explain further:

There is no final draft when you write a webpage – by Nick Usborne

End of Excerpt

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