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I’m running across so much security information that I felt compelled to share a few resources. I’m keeping it simple so as not to overwhelm you. There’s so much going on and we all need to know more. Let me know if this information is valuable to you. And let me know if you’d like to see more or different information. 

Rob Braxman runs a great YouTube channel talking about all things “security”…. including your mobile device, your home router….. everything. You’ll be much  more realistic about security after watching even one video.

Is Zoom Video Private? Also Video calling with Skype, Periscope, Facebook LIve, Signal, Facetime
Are video chats, video meetings, video calling and video streaming private or can someone in between watch it? The answer will likely be unexpected. Understa…
What’s Wrong with Signal, Whatsapp, Telegram, Protonmail, Tutanota?
Some are quick to promote apps as being safe for your use just because they are encrypted. I will talk about how many of the popular apps that are commonly t…
15 Best Online Security Scanners for Detecting Malware on Your Website
Enhance your website security the easy way with these 15 WordPress security scanners!
Infographic: How To Secure Your Home – 8 Key Home Security Tips
No matter how safe the neighborhood you live in, home security should still be your top priority. You should take time to secure your doors/windows/garage, lock up your place properly, and keep your valuable items in a reliable safe. This infographic from Citiguard has 8 simple home security tips…

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