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Marketing is Work, But Wait!
Yes, marketing is hard …and it’s even harder with the increased competition in the digital age. The good news is that artificial intelligence (AI) tools can help you cut your marketing time in half and create better content that ranks higher in the search engines. This issue of the LOTUS is jam-packed!

AI Writing Tools

For many people, writing is something they do when they have to. They’re not writers by trade: they’re accountants, lawyers, teachers. But sometimes the words just don’t come easily or quickly enough. It’s a common problem for small business owners who are constantly juggling ideas and tasks with their already busy lives!
Well there’s great news for small business owners! AI writing tools can help you avoid the time-consuming and tedious task of composing blog posts, articles, emails, reports, videos or other content.
Check out the following videos to see how AI can help you right now with your promotional writing.

A Few Notes from Bill:

Hi guys, I am still exploring and experimenting with these technologies. As my knowledge grows, I’m sure my attitudes will change and I’ll report my findings to you, my clients. First thing I can tell you is you will NOT write 10 times more in half the time… despite Adam’s misleading video title below. But developing these new skills will definitely make you a better writer once you learn the programs. 
Adam covers two amazing AI products:
Frase (just awarded Capterra’s #1 AI Software for 2021):  A program that will take the subject of your blog post or article and come back, in a few seconds, with detailed research and support materials for that subject from across the web. You can create a full content outline for your writers…. or for you. This is really the most amazing piece of writing and research software I have ever seen. The deeper I go into this program, the more amazed I am at how it supports me as a writer. And it’s very easy to get started with it with a free trial (no, I have no financial ties to them). 
Conversion AI:  As Adam will show you, this program starts out where Frase leaves off. Conversion AI will rewrite the content you researched in Frase and make it your own. This is, I believe, very much a work in progress. When it works…. it’s phenomenal at writing and producing many options for a given title or paragraph. It writes like a human…not a machine. So I’m impressed, but have found  it harder to get consistent results. So the jury is out on this one. Nevertheless, Conversion AI has great potential and I have gotten amazing results with it. 
Go ahead and watch the video and you will get a good idea of how the programs work together to make you a better writer and researcher.
In this video we show you how to write more blog posts in less time using Artificial Intelligence. You’ll see a live demo of how it works and learn about Frase and ConversionAI.

AI Social Media Tools

From Bill: Vidnami is a great concept. Paste in your blog post copy. The program comes back with (supposedly) relevant videos and merges it all with a computer sound track of your blog copy (or you can add your own audio file). It’s pretty cool….. but if your marketing message requires a lot of “nuance” and customization for the video or image that is “just right”…… Vidnami is going to take a lot of work!  It will perform better for concepts that require only generic stock photos. I think that, as time goes by, this may turn out to be a great platform. 
This is absolutely insane, I combined these two tools and couldn’t believe the output that I got.If you want to check out’s free trial go to: h…

From Bill:  I had to include these videos about Tailwind. If you are interested in Pinterest or Instagram marketing, you have to use Tailwind. It will save you hours and hours of time manually posting on Pinterest. 
Here are the basics  of using Tailwind with Pinterest, simple and to the point. ~ Bill
Sandra does a nice job of taking you through her entire Tailwind-to-Pinterest process. If you want to use Pinterest to grow your business…. definitely take a look. In my experience, Tailwind is both affordable and very easy to use. ~ Bill

For Bloggers

Strong headlines are essential for the success of your content. Learn how to write the best headlines, backed by data and research.
Co-founder of MarketMuse, Jeff Coyle, discusses how AI will make content marketing better and why a robot probably won’t steal your job.

The following article from makes a comprehensive case for using the “mega site” called MEDIUM to promote your business. Good One!
The ultimate guide on how to blog on Medium to market your business. Find out what Medium is, how it helps your business, and how to blog on the platform with a step-by-step guide for creating and publishing content. Plus, get 15 tips for using Medium to market your business in the most effective…


The following is a video from Rob Braxman on his YouTube Channel. He’s probably one of the most well-informed and well-educated experts on web security. More from him on our April Security Roundup at
We already have a social score. Several. And more are in the works. Let’s talk about what these social scores are and how they impact society. Let’s discuss …

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