Search Engine Strategy – New Thinking on Page Relevance

For a decade or more, we in the industry have used Keyword Density as a guide to page relevance and the consequent page ranking. But even as many of our Search Engine Ranking tools have continued to use this method of assessing page relevance….. the search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo) have continued to develop new, more accurate and subtle ways of determining the true topical relevance of your web pages.

The following article from Web Design Magazine updates us with an important slant on the writing of web pages and offers some newer tools for determining page relevance.

Excerpt: “There are far more accurate (better) ways for search engines to determine true relevance than keyword density, and each search engine has its own means and methods to rank sites for a particular keyword or phrase. Search engines consider usage data, anchor text of inbound links, site/domain age, and general authority (all of which have been discussed here at WM), but each one of these criteria also has its own way of relating/associating keywords and key phrases. This is called natural language processing and is something you, as someone responsible for high site rankings, have an immense amount of control over and should spend time on improving.”

SEO Strategy – Keyword Density Revisited – Website Magazine – Website Magazine

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