Pinterest: Tips for Journalists and Writers

Pinterest Tips for Journalists

Pinterest has recently caught on as THE trendy photo sharing site. But it would be a mistake to label it in such a limited way. Take a few minutes to see how the journalism industry is looking at this valuable resource and think about how you might be able to use it more effectively to leverage your small business.

Excerpts:”Pinterest is a great way for writers and publications to reach new and existing audiences, give stories longevity, and provide visual components to stories. As an additional channel for people to discover content, it’s also a growing source of referral traffic for websites with the Pin It button, such as BuzzFeed. Every day, people pin more than 5 million articles on Pinterest. You can search for terms like “articles”, “pin now, read later”, “articles to read”, or “news”on Pinterest to get a sense for the types of news-related boards people are creating. Evergreen articles, new articles – Pinterest is a place for it all. “

PINTEREST Tips for Writers:

1. Pinterest is more than just images. Make sure the content you’re pinning leads somewhere. Pin from your blog, website, Tumblr, Flickr, or another host website. Pins will get pinned more, and have higher engagement when they lead somewhere. The best thing about pins is they’re a gateway to more
information a topic.

2. What are you reading? Share your own reading list with readers, to show what inspires you. Use the description field to explain why you added the article to your reading list (such as why you agree or don’t agree with an article). Here are examples from Arianna Huffington, HuffPo Parenting editors,and Nieman Journalism Lab.If you come across articles you want to save for reading later, create a “Pin Now, Read Later” board.

3. Share your own stories to drive traffic back to your website. CBS Travel Editor Peter Greenberg shares a range of articles on Pinterest, including his Travel News board and his “My Top Travel Articles” board. New York Times Senior Writer C.J. Chivers uses Pinterest to pin articles from his Tumblr. Chivers told Poynter that Pinterest enables him to create a “visual index” of his posts and put his work in front of people who might not otherwise see it.”

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