Web Site Design for Chiropractor and Energy Practitioner

Web Site Design for Chiropractor and Energy Practitioner

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WordPress Web Site for Dr. Richard Metz of Santa Rosa. We also created the “light man” logo for Dr. Metz. The Fundamental Field itself is an actual field of polarized energy embodied in an atom-like pattern.  This field is the basis for Dr. Metz’ Fundamental Field Therapy, which balances life-energy, thereby restoring health, promoting self-awareness & healing.

Excerpt from Website:

The Fundamental Field® (of Advanced Energy Medicine) provides a scientific theory with a therapeutic application. It is a uniquely new & modern approach to medicine & healing, traditional/energy medicine in particular.

Dr. Metz has built his theory on life-energy, as it is expressed through the fundamental forces of nature & science (i.e. physics & systems theory). This life-energy is our fundamental spiritual essence. It is what creates, organizes & sustains our mind & body.

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