Alternative Health WordPress Website: Essential Oils Co.

Alternative Health WordPress Website: Essential Oils Co.

Our Cynthe has been using therapeutic essential oils for our family’s health care and first aid needs since 1999. Four  years ago, she earned certification as a clinical aromatherapist. Her enthusiasm on the subject is infectious and the depth of her knowledge is stunning.

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We built an HTML web site in 2006, later adding a WordPress Blog, and more recently Gaia’s Pharmacopeia, an online store. And will be publishing an entirely new store in early 2014 to make her custom therapeutic blends much more accessible to the public!

An article excerpt from Essential Oils For Healing:
Buy Household Cleaning & Personal Care Products with Pure Natural Essential Oils and Safe Ingredients 
100% natural botanical essential oils are safer ingredients for household cleaning products than cheaper, but toxic, synthetic aroma-chemicals. Women for the Earth ordered laboratory tests which identified household cleaning products with unlisted ingredients that are causing allergic reactions & serious long-term health impacts: Cancer, Birth defects, and/or Pregnancy complications. Read More…

A double-sided business card links services for two essential oils alternative health sites.

We also designed a double-sided business card to promote both essential oil sites and for inclusion in product orders to her customers & consultation clients.

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