Logo Design for Health Practitioner

Logo Design for Health Practitioner

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Maggie Begley is a sensitive and talented energy practitioner here in Santa Rosa, California. We wanted to create a logo identity that was unusual and reflective of her personal style and commitment to energy medicine. Note that the image was created by using the first letter of her last name (B) and rotating it around a chakra-like vortex to get this swirling, dynamic graphic presence.


Excerpt from Website (theSpiritedSoul.com): 

Life is all about polarities & the attraction &/or repulsion of opposites, which in turn drive their movement. We aim for higher-self virtues, but sometimes get stuck in a lower groove, the effects of which takes us off-center: Past & future, love & hate, anger & forgiveness, giving & receiving, pride & humility, excess & simplicity, chaos & stability, abandonment & enmeshment, introvert & extrovert, sickness & health, life & death, courage & fear, happy & sad, work & rest, gravity & levity, autonomy & community…Just to name a few.

One has to be constantly vigilant, to prevent one polarization from over-taking the other. Even a positive thing, like (worldly) love, can be detrimental in the extreme when it’s needy & suffocates the other. “Everything in moderation”, as my dad used to say. Striking the middle ground is our target area & then rising above, in a way most spiritual, is our goal. “We’re only human, right?” Well, “only human” with God-potential to rise much, much higher.


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