“Reinventing You” Brand Marketing Guidebook

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This sounds like a fantastic book from Dorie Clark. With this “brand-crazy” environment we’re marketing in, we need a guidebook. This is, apparently, just that sort of book. Check out the excerpt from Ivana Taylor’s review below:


The other day I had a really sad meeting.  I was doing a favor for a friend and agreed to meet with a guy who was networking to find a new job.  We met in person at a coffee shop.  He showed up dressed in a suit and he had copies of his resume.  He did everything perfectly – if — if,  it was 1998.

Nothing about this meeting was working.

I came away committed to referring him to a client, friend or a fellow business owner who was looking for help.  But I just couldn’t get to the information that I needed to make the referral. What was he capable of that set him apart? How did he differ from all the other unemployed job seekers?

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End of Excerpt

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