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The Project:

We’ve practiced Tai Chi, Meditation and Alternative Healing practices for decades so naturally we were very interested in Julie White’s vision for her LightAid Healing Center. She will be offering Lightworkers’ support classes, psychic readings and more. We were really excited to give her a beautiful and informative “launch vehicle”! Her WordPress site features a comprehensive Event Scheduling and Ticket Purchase module.


It is my job to remind you who you are.

As a child I had psychic experiences, as most of us do, but decided I wanted to become a psychologist, since I knew I was drawn to unraveling the mysteries of what makes us happy, and that is what was offered in school as a logical choice. My path to being a healer who specializes in psychic readings started with acupressure classes taken 26 years ago. Read More…

Client Name: Julie White

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