Natural Remedy Health Website Design

The Project:

Jan Mcvey of Nature Has a Remedy asked for a redesign of her website that would give her instant credibility and a site that was built for easy editing. As she says “I am passionate about natural health and the many benefits that Whole-food supplementation can bring to your life. My mission is to share information and tips that can help everyone to enjoy the healthy and abundant lifestyle that I have enjoyed thanks to Sea Aloe® Whole food supplement.”


The Shocking Truth… A very high percentage of Americans are sick with multiple disorders and have to take multiple medications on a daily bases. Then you consider that Americans pay more per capita for health care than any other nation and yet we are the most universally diseased population in the world. The atrocity that many food and nutritional supplement producers are inflicting on our health is shocking.

Its simple… 98% of the nutritional supplements being sold in the US and beyond are chemically manipulated with synthetic isolates derived from petrochemicals like coal tar (a known carcinogen found in cigarette smoke) and petroleum esters and a whole lot of other nasty stuff. These lab-to-bottle ‘fake“ nutritional products are in a form not recognized by the body and are produced at industrial factories. The shocking truth “information that they don’t want you to know about and the horrific effects it’s having on American’s health”.

Client Name: Janice McVey – Nature Has A Remedy

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