Dream Dogs Dog Training Booklet Design

Dream Dogs dog training booklet design

The Project:

We designed this Dream Dogs Board and Train Booklet for Camilla Gray-Nelson’s Dairydell dog training and boarding center in Petaluma, California. She uses it to promote her high end dog training services.


We are a woman-centric company, so our training reflects a mother-like teaching style – firm, fair and friendly. We rely on rules and boundaries — quietly but consistently enforced – to earn your dog’s respect, admiration and obedience.

We will teach you how to control and get willing cooperation from your dog through simple enforcement and follow-through techniques – no yelling, punishment or bribery. Our famous Quiet Control is nature-based, patterned after dogs themselves and specifically how the mother dog teaches her young the rules and order of the “family.”

Project Details

Client: Dairydell Canine
Date: October 2014
Skills: Branding, Graphic Design, Print Production

Dream Dogs Inner Spread

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