Catalog Design for Music Co.

The Project:

We did our first catalog for Mesa Engineering back in the early 1980’s. It laid the foundation for this later work (2003) telling the story of Mesa Boogie and Founder/Designer Randall Smith. It’s a great read even if you’re not a musician! The vast majority of these catalogs go out to retail music stores and also direct to musicians who respond to trade magazine ads in publications such as Guitar Player and Guitar World.


Visitors to our shop always ask how I got started. I’ve been asked so many times, the guys told me to write it down. So here it is: Music is in my blood. And building vacuum tube amplifiers has become my personal art. My earliest memories are musical. I can still remember lying in my crib and hearing my dad play his tenor sax. He had a hotel dance band and a radio show for a couple of years after the War. He was also first chair clarinet in the Oakland Symphony so there was a lot of music in the house, live music. My sister was five years older than me and a good piano student so I remember hearing her practice all the Beethoven, Mozart and Chopin piano sonatas. Those great melodies and harmonies affected my mood as some pieces were haunting and others sunny and uplifting. I think my brain was processing music long before words began to make sense!

Client Name: Mesa Engineering

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