Why Should You Use Twitter? Journalists and the Media are Looking for You!

Twitter Bird has joined the Press Corps!

I get questions (and questioning looks) all the time from clients who wonder why they should bother spending money and time developing a Twitter presence. This article makes the case for anyone who wishes to get their message to the media for broader-casting. Journalists are looking for news stories …. and Twitter is a GREAT place to track trends and breaking stories. In the “olden days”, we paid plenty to PR agencies to get the word out to the media. Now the media are coming to us! More Below:

Excerpt from TNW: “We all know how much of a growth curve Twitter has been on over the last couple of years and if there is one industry that has embraced it with great gusto it is the various strands of the media industry. They’ve hyped it up and brought it to the masses, integrated it in to their media as well as relying on it for breaking stories and and angles on news stories.”

READ MORE at TNW Social Media: 10 Ways Journalists and the Media Use Twitter.

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