Why Do I Need a Web Site? Can’t I Just Use Facebook?

There is a lot of hype today about Social Media. You can’t argue with the fact that Twitter and Facebook have hundreds of millions of users. I can’t think of a business that would not benefit, to some extent, by having a “satellite outpost” on these services and getting additional exposure.

But all marketing strategies, including social media, have their limitations and their strengths. There is no marketing panacea that solves all problems and eliminates the need for other strategies. Bottom Line:  Each business needs to determine where its target market can be reached…. and go there. Not rocket science and nothing new.

The linked article from Entrepreneur.com derives data from a new report and tells us why we still need our web sites and cannot abandon them for world of social media. Your web site has some built-in advantages, not the least of which is that it belongs to you. You set the content, branding and aesthetics. Read the article for inspiration to take another look at your existing site…. or design one!

Excerpt: Only 22 percent of those of us online in the U.S. visit a branded social networking page such as those found on Facebook, while 62 percent of us regularly visit branded websites, according to the latest Global Web Index report.

Five Reasons Why Websites Still Matter | Blog | Daily Dose | Entrepreneur.com

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