Photo Enhancement (Retouching) & Preparation

Photo Enhancement (Retouching) & Preparation

Your website’s imagery and photography makes a REAL difference both in how clients, customers, and site visitors perceive the quality of your services and products…AND their personal (user interface) experience of being on your site.

If the photographs are generic, boring or unattractive, inappropriate, amateur, badly exposed, poorly composed or contain distracting elements…on-line visitors WILL notice! And their opinions of your services and/or products  affected negatively.

If the photography is fine, but the images have not been prepared with the web user’s experience in mind, this can be a drawback, too. Problems commonly seen in older neglected sites, do-it-yourself sites, historic subjects, and artists’ sites are:

  • Images prepared too small (hard to see details)
  • Or too big (slow loading sites)
  • Poorly cropped
  • Odd color casts (too red, too yellow, too green, overly saturated…wild colors), etc.
  • Damaged images (especially common with historic photographs)

We can help solve any of these problems while improving the quality of your website’s photographic assets.

We Appreciate Excellent Photography

We’re photography fans. Cynthe, especially, is passionate about photography and loves working with clients’ images. Both Bill and Cynthe have excellent Photoshop skills. We can make your images look superb. We can combine images to express conceptual ideas, represent a group of services or a product line. Give us a call to discuss YOUR web photography needs.

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