Custom Website Header Design

Custom Website Header Design

Your site header graphics and the information it includes creates that all important ‘first impression’  for your internet visitors. Custom website header design sets your business apart, making your site memorable in the minds of clients and potential customers.

A well-designed header conveys:

  • market positioning quickly
  • clarifies the nature of your business
  • pleases your customers
  • attracts potential clientele
  • sets the tone & ambiance of your web presence (ie. friendly, accessible, corporate, artistic, eco-aware, commercial, literary, etc.)

Many of the ‘templated’ web designs proliferating on the internet, lack distinctiveness. Those sites are now commonplace. With generic graphics that are difficult to recall in the glut of information overload…. unfortunately, for the businesses represented.

To see how web header graphics can create a distinctive impression, here are various examples we’ve developed for some of our clients.

Client: Mesa Boogie | Manufacturing: Guitar & Bass Amplifiers, Pedals and Music Accessories | On-Line Store


Client: Gaia’s Pharmacopeia | Alternative Health | Therapeutic Essential Oil Products & Botanical Perfumes | On-Line Store


Client: Dog Talk Diva | Dog Training Expert | Education, Events and Products Promotion


Client: Steve Van Rooy | Author and Story Teller | Travel and Culture Journal


Client: Stem Cell Mask | Alternative Health | Education and On-Line Store


Client: Stanley Brush | Historian and Author | Book Promo and On-Line Store


Client: Cynthe Brush | Digital Photographer | Artist’s Blog and Portfolio

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