Web Site Design for Lisa Stano Singer – Songwriter

Web Site Design for Lisa Stano Singer – Songwriter

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Music has been a mainstay in my life since my early years listening to dad’s forties swing records. So, naturally, we loved having the opportunity to help promote local singer / songwriter Lisa Stano’s music through a brand new web site design. We kept it simple, but dramatic, with a wall-to-wall background image of Lisa “steppin’ out”. The site includes email signup forms, popup lightbox photos, embedded YouTube videos and a page for online listening that offers links to purchasing at Amazon, iTunes and more.

Excerpt from Site:

Lisa’s inner ethnomusicologist, singing gusto and story-telling wisdom create an exquisite vintage blues, R&B and folk sound that’ll pull you right into this powerful acoustic connection. You will want to savor each and every sultry note because they are lovingly dished to your discerning palate. Let this San Francisco Bay Area musician’s sound sweep you away! Listen here…

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