WordPress Website Re-Design: Sebastopol Architect

WordPress Website Re-Design: Sebastopol Architect

In the process of redesigning Doug Murray‘s architectural website, we were inspired by the stunning houses featured in his architectural portfolio.

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Doug’s prior website (see BEFORE image below) was long overdue for a major update to add an expanded showcase of his work. His handsome home designs demanded a visual context for the photos to “tell their stories.”

Doug loves Sonoma and Mendocino counties’ coastal areas. Many of his eco-friendly, green, elegant architectural projects are located near the Pacific Ocean. Quietly passionate about nature, taking particular joy in harmoniously integrating indoor and outdoor spaces, we suggested the website redesign include articles on Doug’s design philosophy.

Here’s an excerpt: Open Air Architecture
The interior/exterior space relationship can be so much more than simply a “patio or deck.” A successful outdoor room / extension of the interior to the outer garden, allows a harmonious balance between openness to nature and privacy of the space. This integrative “Open Air Architecture” concept is possible to design for most homes…even subdivision style houses…to take advantage of one’s outdoor spaces.
The ability to move between inside and outside without physical or mental barriers, helps us reconnect with nature and ourselves. Read More…

Douglas Murray’s site BEFORE our redesign

Doug also requested several hands-on WordPress tutorials to learn how to update and maintain his new site. He recorded our sessions here at the office on video to study further at home. We’re all very pleased with our collaborative results!

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