WordPress Food Blog Website Design: Figs With Bri

WordPress Food Blog Website Design: Figs With Bri

Briana Brownlow asked our Grey Visual Design team to set up her FigsWithBri.com WordPress food blog and to handle the technical platform and plug-in updates along with website security strategies.

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Since Bri’s untimely death in 2008, Cynthe, her mother-in-law, has carried on the FigsWithBri site and its management, assembling some luscious dishes to enthusiastic reviews. Cynthe’s recently branched out and now offers an annual ‘Food Is Love’ Recipe Calendar, prize-winning old-fashioned preserves, and fine art prints of fruits and vegetables ready for framing at the ShopFWB Store. If you’re into hearty gourmet vegetarian food, delish out-of-the-ordinary organic preserves, and beautiful fruit and vegetable prints…don’t miss it!

Here’s a preview:
Apples, Asian Pears & Pomegranates: October’s Fruit Flaunt Autumn Hues

A food blog author’s business card conveys skills & services at a glance.

     October harvest baskets at the Original Santa Rosa Farm Market overflow with sweet bounty: apples, figs, grapes, melons, Asian pears, and pomegranates. Most of the fruit we bring home are eaten fresh and raw, after a few days on the kitchen counter to come to perfect ripeness.
     As a photographer-gardener, my eye is always alert for beautiful, interesting, or unusual produce. And those items are set aside for their portrait sessions before any nibbling or cooking can be done.
     I’m also VERY interested in where fruits originate, curious about different cultivars, enjoy identifying ones with the best flavor (texture and fragrance), and which hybrids grow best in our climate….one of my fantasies is having a small backyard orchard one day. Read more…

Attractive labels for artisan-crafted gourmet preserves.

The FWB blog has expanded Cynthe’s tabletop photography skills as she perfects the art of food and product photography, and developed label designs for her prize-winning preserves as well as a 2-sided business card for marketing outreach.

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