10 Newbie Twitter Mistakes ~ I’ve Made Some!

For those of you interested in getting into the “Twitter-verse”, I thought you’d benefit by reading this short article laying down the “Do-Nots” of Twitter.

Mostly these things concern courtesy and common sense in a social protocols. As one of the commenters said, “Behave exactly as you would at the pub . . not at the networking meeting.” Good advice. I would call Twitter “indirect marketing”. In a pub, you do not walk up to someone you don’t know, push a business card at them…. and begin blathering about yourself (although you can probably find those that do). You get to know people. You chat a little bit…. you take it easy. Over time you begin to resonate with certain people. You find out more about them as they interact; their words, their body language. It’s more about how they treat others….not exactly what they say. You want to know more about that person. An indirect marketing experience.

It’s the same on Twitter. Tweeters are looking for value, as we all are. That value will be different for each group. There is no ONE WAY to use Twitter just as there is no one audience…. or exactly one “technique” for interacting. Tweeters need to take their time and observe. Find out what people need. Track your link clickthroughs and find out what lists you land on. Take it easy and slow. Find out what works for you…. including your own natural pace so you don’t burn out.

My easy solution for small businesses with little time: Retweet others’ post (oops… haven’t done that lately) and post interesting links that truly inform your followers about their topics of interest. It helps establish your expertise and creates new connections. Works for me.
~ Bill Grey

Social Media Today | 10 Newbie Twitter Mistakes Made By Businesses

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