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The Project:

Camilla Gray-Nelson, the Dog Talk Diva(R) has established herself as one of the premier voices in natural dog training over the last several years. She has appeared on many nationwide Radio and TV programs. She is the author of Lipstick and the Leash: Dog Training a Woman’s Way which has won numerous national awards. (We did the web design for Lipstick and the Leash, as well.)


I was born on a dairy farm in Petaluma, CA, my father an Irish immigrant and my mother the daughter of a local blacksmith-turned-auto-parts-dealer. While other little girls my age were playing with their friends and having tea parties with their dolls, I was catching cows to ride, figuring out how to gather eggs without being pecked by the hens, and teaching my ponies tricks. In fact, most of my friends growing up had four legs, not two. Read More….

Client Name: Camilla Gray-Nelson – Dog Talk Diva

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