Biodynamic Farm Website Design

The Project:

Biodynamic herb farmer, Monique Camp, contacted Grey Visual Design for assistance with printing labels for her herbal products. She also needed a business card, stationery & envelope system for the occasional official correspondence required in her business. (see samples at the end of the article).

Once those print projects were done, Monique hired us for a total website redesign of her Sophia’s Garden Herbs site along with adding simple ecommerce capabilities.

We chose the versatile WordPress platform to make subsequent updates to the site and store easier. When she’s ready, we will be able to add other on-line marketing modules (email marketing and membership subscriptions) to the site.


Here’s an insight into Sophia’s Garden Herbs philosophy:
“If we comprehend the beneficial effects of an aromatic meadow full of fragrant plants, we realize the kind of mutual support that takes place among living things.” ~ Rudolf Steiner

What is Biodynamic* Agriculture?
• Biodynamics is a more intensive and restricted process than organic farming.
• A certified biodynamic herb farm meets ALL Organic Farming Standards, such as avoiding the use of prohibited chemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and synthetic fungicides.
• It also requires disciplined soil enrichment, constant observation, labor-intensive fieldwork, and ongoing, intuitive awareness.

Client Name: Monique Camp – Sophia’s Garden Herbs

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