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Camilla Gray-Nelson’s farm-girl roots and “natural” approach to communication, leadership and power has launched her to success with a wide variety of clientele. She has taken her unique brand of wisdom to the masses, sharing the secrets of power and influence from the animal world with corporate leaders, women, parents and couples alike. She is President of Dairydell, Inc., a multi-million dollar dog training business in Northern California. As North Bay Business Journal’s 2012 Woman Entrepreneur of the Year, she’s an innovator, thought-leader and woman on a mission.


Who knew growing up on a farm would prepare me for arm-pinching success as a modern woman? Or that the skills that propelled me to achieve my personal and professional goals were learned from a lifetime of working with animals and studying their behavior.

No, I’m not your average coach or mentor, but that’s exactly why you should follow my unique perspective on life, love and career! I promise I’ll share things you won’t learn anywhere else, helping you become Enlightened, Empowered and Effective by decoding the life-changing secrets of Mother Nature herself. My uncommon perspective will unravel the mysteries of living fulfilled and has helped many hundreds of my clients unblock and achieve their goals. It can work for you, too!

Client Name: Camilla Gray-Nelson

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