Alternative Health Practitioner Website Design

The Project:

Judy Dragon, an experienced healing practitioner, asked us to help her redesign her website. She wanted ecommerce ability to sell her workshops online. She also needed a site that functioned well for those viewers on mobile phones and tablets. Her popular newsletter needed to be moved to a blog format that was more easily produced (with no coding). It was a demanding job, but produced a very satisfying result.


This is a very essential period in our planetary evolution. We are here to help create a new flow of thought, to shift the misaligned into new structures of grounded spiritual alliances, and peaceful co-existence.

I work with intuitive professionals, entrepreneurs, and parents who feel limited by past traumas and difficult childhood experiences.  I help them to change their beliefs and expand their creativity more quickly through ThetaHealing® Technique to experience a spacious flow and a deeper soulful alignment with their purpose.


Client Name: Judy Dragon – The Flow of Healing

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