It’s Not Just About Facebook: Distribute Your Marketing Strategy

Love this short article from Internet Marketer, Christopher Penn. I get his email newsletter each day and he always makes a great effort to inform on thoughtful subjects. In this article he explains that you need a “distributed strategy” to get your information out there because each member of your audience has a different preferred method for consuming information. A Facebook page, by itself, is not enough. Some people just don’t relate to Facebook. Yeah, they may have one of the millions of accounts… but don’t enjoy using it. I am one of those people. I prefer getting my news through Twitter or by emailed RSS newsletters through Feedburner. Everyone is different. Keep that in mind when you speak to your audience.

Excerpt: “How do you promote it? Most people publish it, hope it gets indexed by Google, and maybe toss out a Tweet or a G+ update, then call it a day. This is a mistake.”

Link to “Is Your Marketing Crossing All Channels”  |  Christopher S. Penn’s Awaken Your Superhero

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