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FROM NOUPE.COM - Here’s what our industry-leading experts have to say about how to successfully generate more leads for your business.

In the B2B industry, lead generation is that essential fuel that keeps the sales machine running. Sales leads can generally be found in two ways: through inbound or outbound channels. While many companies prefer inbound, claiming that outbound is out-of-date, we’ve seen that both can be effective ways to boost sales. After all, why choose one if you can have it all?

CIENCE, a top lead generation company, has successfully built and implemented lead generation strategies for more than 1000 clients from different industries. Here’s what our industry-leading experts have to say about how to successfully generate more leads for your business.

7 Best Tips to Generate Sales Leads

To help you better understand the sales lead generation process, CIENCE has prepared some best practices that actually work, gathered through many years of experience in the B2B lead generation industry. Here are seven tips our sales experts recommend implementing into your inbound and outbound strategies:

1. Analyze your existing clients and research your potential prospects.

The best way to begin with when generating sales leads is to find out who exactly you are looking for. Statistics show that every fourth lead you reach out to is usually completely unqualified. Imagine how much effort, money, and resources are wasted in vain instead of being dedicated to nurturing someone qualified. The question is, how to avoid making the same mistake over and over again?

The answer is to build an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Based on the information received from your previous clients, create a detailed description of your perfect buyer:

  • What is their job position?
  • In which industry does their business operate?
  • Where are they located?
  • What is their revenue?

The number of data points gathered at this stage can be as detailed as you wish. Your goal is to build precise criteria so a salesperson can identify if this prospect is worth their time and effort and has the potential to become a long-lasting client of the company.

At the second stage of your prospect analysis, figure out where exactly can you find the leads by asking these questions:

  • Will they perfectly match your ICP?
  • What are their needs, pains, and goals?
  • What are their business’s main challenges?
  • How can your service help their business?

Based on how you answer these questions, you can now build your future outreach strategy to generate more sales leads.

Quite often, businesses prefer to consult with a lead generation firm at the stage when finding their ICP to avoid the confusion and get started faster. CIENCE has done it multiple times for different companies. Check out this case study dedicated to ICP research for an eLearning platform to see how this process looks like from the inside.

2. Don’t give up on cold calling.

woman making a cold call

Thanks to the dedicated supporters of inbound who actively claim that cold calling is dead, many marketers simply ignore this outbound channel, losing a bunch of opportunities. However, statistics prove that cold calling is more than alive, it is thriving and prospering: The majority of C-level managers (57%), generally the decision-makers in B2B sales, prefer to be contacted by phone; 69% of buyers have accepted a phone call from new providers in the last twelve months; and 82% of buyers have conducted a meeting with the sellers who reached out to them over the phone.

Of course, in 2021, simply reading a script in the worst telemarketing traditions of the previous century won’t generate any sales leads. To succeed at this, you have to develop a certain cold calling routine that will work best on your prospects:

3. Make use of multichannel orchestrated outreach.

As the saying now goes, two outreach channels are better than one. If you aim to generate more high-quality b2b leads, you can better learn how to align multiple channels into your outreach strategy.

Whatever channel you use as a primary one, inbound or outbound, they’ll generate more sales leads together than separately. Even more, the inbound conversions are always higher with the help of outbound tactics, the so-called outbound assist effect. They are not mutually exclusive, but rather complementary.

For example, if you use content marketing as a leading strategy, consider creating a strong social media presence for your business as well; or if you choose cold calling as the main way to reach out to prospects, make sure to warm up these calls with pre-targeted ads and cold emails. If you feel like you can do more than that, consider orchestrating all the channels simultaneously, reassuring the presence and moderation of all the steps of the sales funnel.



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