Don’t Be a Digital Sharecropper

It seems people are waking up to the fact that Social Media assets like Twitter profiles and Facebook pages do not belong to them. Here’s another quick article telling us why we need to develop our own digital assets and build our own web hubs.

Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, among others, have made it very tempting to participate in their communities to the detriment of our own web sites and blogs.We of the “attention deficit age” do not want to be burdened with planning or strategizing. Even an effective social media campaign takes effort. It’s easier to dump our thoughts into a community news feed and call that “promotion” or “PR”.But those social profiles and pages don’t belong to you and are not under your control.

Don’t be a digital sharecropper, working for the master and ending up with less. Build your own hub and point your social satellites back home where you get the most benefit!

Excerpt:Seasoned Digital Strategists (folks who have been in the online space for a long time, not just social) realize the value of having traffic come to the site as opposed to sending it out there. In a business environment, we spend millions in creating and developing custom web experiences that resonate with our audience — and then we send them off to our Facebook page. Why?

Why you shouldn’t send your traffic to Facebook? | – Social Business, Digital Strategy, B2B & Social Media

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