Cheap Graphics Cards Used by Hackers Are Compromising Strong Passwords!

I have long recommended to clients that they employ the use of encrypted password vaults like Roboform and 1Password to keep their passwords easily accessible… and safe. Now there’s an even better reason to use programs like this:  to deter hackers…. by remembering very long and secure passwords.

I know it’s tempting to use the same, easily-remembered password like “kitty333” on all of your logins. Bad idea! And thanks to the new processing power of  inexpensive graphics cards (that most any hacker can afford), even a good password can be compromised quickly! This is rather disturbing territory for those of us who manage servers and try to maintain blog security. Read the following ZDNet article and see what I mean:

Excerpt: “Take a cheap GPU (like the Radeon HD 5770) and the free GPU-powered password busting tool called ’ighashgpu‘ and you have yourself a lean, mean password busting machine. How lean and mean? Very…the results are startling.”

Cheap GPUs are rendering strong passwords useless | ZDNet

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