Instagram Marketing Roundup

Instagram Roundup | May-June 2017

Instagram has gathered a lot of momentum lately and it’s a fun way to interact with your local business community as well as friends and relatives. This roundup is part of my exploration into the mysteries of Instagram.

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twitter marketing roundup for may 2017

May 2017 Twitter Social Media Marketing Roundup

For some reason, Twitter has always been my Social Media “friend”. Always liked it better than all the rest. So why not give it a little love and educate my readers and myself on Twitter marketing? Twitter Marketing Update 9 Awesome Twitter Marketing WordPress Plugins For You! Using WordPress is great. Using Twitter is a

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wordpress roundup

May 2017 WordPress Roundup

With approximately a quarter of the internet’s websites built on the WordPress foundation, there’s never any lack of news about WordPress plugins, themes and techniques. This is the first of our monthly WordPress news roundups. Hope you find it useful. WordPress Plugins & Utilities Update Better Media Management With WordPress Real Media Library | NOUPE

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Content Marketing Tools Newsletter

Grey Visual April Marketing Newsletter

Hi again and thanks for hanging with us as we issue our first few newsletters. We are trying our best to offer you a profitable and informative resource. And we’re very interested in your feedback. Let us know what you want to hear about and we’ll include relevant items in coming editions. GETTING MORE TRAFFIC

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email-driven conversions

Email-Driven Conversions Highest on the Weekend

For email marketers, mid-week may provide the best engagement rates, but the weekends are when conversions are highest. That’s according to Yesmail, which included a day-of-the-week analysis in it latest quarterly benchmarks report

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editorial calendar plugins header image

Editorial Calendar Plugins for WordPress – Get Your Content Organized!

Posting consistently to your blog and social accounts is no easy task, but with one of the following editorial calendar plugins for Wordpress, the task becomes way easier and even fun! WordPress editorial calendar plugins come in free and paid versions, depending on the features included. If you only need bare bones planning, then a free version may serve your purposes. If you’d rather work with a more attractive interface and more comprehensive features… then the premium plugins may be your choice.

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3 content marketing ideas

Content Marketing Ideas – 3 Proven Ways to Get More Traffic & Shares

If you struggle with finding content marketing ideas that really crank up the traffic….there’s a great guest post on the Duct Tape Marketing blog that will make it a little easier for you to create posts that return a volume of traffic to your site. I’ve included an excerpt below from each of the 3 methods to get you started thinking. But make sure you click through to the whole article. Lots of examples and additional recommendations. Great stuff for bloggers…. or would-be bloggers. Read onward!

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The Best WordPress eCommerce Child Themes for Divi

Developing an eCommerce site can be time-consuming. The time spent uploading products might not give you enough time to design the website itself. The easiest and fastest way to create an eCommerce site with Divi is to use a pre-made child theme.

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Improving SEO with the right meta description – from Yoast

The meta description is a ~160 character snippet, a tag in HTML, that summarizes a page’s content. Search engines show the meta description in search results mostly when the searched for phrase is contained in the description. Optimizing the meta description is a very important aspect of on-page SEO.

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Pinterest Tips for Journalists

Pinterest: Tips for Journalists and Writers

Pinterest has recently caught on as THE trendy photo sharing site. But it would be a mistake to label it in such a limited way. Take a few minutes to see how the journalism industry is looking at this valuable resource and think about how you might be able to use it more effectively to

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Speed matters for wordpress

WordPress Checkup – What’s Slowing Down Your Site?

Since Google now considers web site speed in its ranking calculations, it’s not a bad idea to keep an eye on your blog-speed. WPMods reviews the  P3 Plugin Performance Profiler, which is a useful WordPress plugin that creates a report that shows you which plugins are slowing down your website. By analysing the report you

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Senior smiling about accessibility of web site

Designing a Senior-Friendly Web Site – Some Tips

As the internet has become an integral part of modern life the stereotype that older generations tend to avoid using the web has become less and less relevant. However a new study shows that senior citizens still find websites difficult to use and have a significantly lower success rate when it comes to completing tasks online.

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What is a Blog…and What Does it Do?

First of all….Blog is short for weBLOG, in case you were wondering. When I talk about blogging, so many business owners and middle managers ask “Why should I do that? It takes too much time and, besides, I already have a web site!”.

A traditional web site has its advantages: Flexibility of design and ability to program complex

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“Reinventing You” Brand Marketing Guidebook

This sounds like a fantastic book from Dorie Clark. With this “brand-crazy” environment we’re marketing in, we need a guidebook. This is, apparently, just that sort of book. Check out the excerpt from Ivana Taylor’s review below: EXCERPT: The other day I had a really sad meeting.  I was doing a favor for a friend

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WordPress Plugins to Assist with Google’s Panda Update

I’m always interested to keep up with the goings-on at Google. The Panda update was trouble for some, so here’s an article from to help us out with that. Excerpt: “It was one scary night, when Google decided to roll out a wild animal on the farm of Bloggers call Panda. When ShoutMeLoud got

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Facebook Marketing Tips from Chris Voss

Are you into interacting with fans? Sponsoring events? How about running contests, ads or QR codes? Then you’ll find the following list useful. For those that are curious, but don’t know much about Facebook marketing, this is an eye-opener.

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Don’t Be a Digital Sharecropper

It seems people are waking up to the fact that Social Media assets like Twitter profiles and Facebook pages do not belong to them. Here’s another quick article telling us why we need to develop our own digital assets and build our own web hubs.

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Why Do I Need a Web Site? Can’t I Just Use Facebook?

The linked article from derives data from a new report and tells us why we still need our web sites and cannot abandon them for world of social media. Your web site has some built-in advantages, not the least of which is that it belongs to you. You set the content, branding and aesthetics. Read the article for inspiration to take another look at your existing site…. or design one!

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It’s Not Just About Facebook: Distribute Your Marketing Strategy

Love this short article from Internet Marketer, Christopher Penn. I get his email newsletter each day and he always makes a great effort to inform on thoughtful subjects. In this article he explains that you need a “distributed strategy” to get your information out there because each member of your audience has a different preferred method for consuming information.

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5 Ways Video Can Seriously Help your Search Engine Results

Most of us wish we had time (or money) to implement a big video campaign…but we put it off. Too bad because today’s social media and video sharing sites make it easy. You don’t have to be a professional video producer to get results. And it’s one of the biggest drivers of traffic to our blogs, web sites and e-commerce stores. A big driver of higher click-through rates, too. Look at what this post from Wordtracker says about video and search engines:

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SMS Text Messaging Comes More into the Social Mainstream

Always interesting to watch partnerships on the web, but this one is quite interesting since it involves popular mailing provider, Contstant Contact. SMS Marketing has always been a strategy to watch since it’s message open rate far exceeds that of email marketing (average 95% versus openings of less than 50% for email).

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