A Web Browser made for Social Networking

Flock is the social networking browser from the people at Mozilla…. the same people who make the incredibly successful Firefox browser that so many of us web developers love. So if I already use Firefox…. why do I need Flock? Well, Flock is not just another browser. It’s Firefox with a bunch of social networking tools built in. You can watch your Facebook, Flickr and YouTube friends right in the sidebar alongside your regular browsing activities.

But there’s more. Flock makes sharing your interests very easy……Drag & Drop easy. You can drag a link or a video ….or just a photo right into a blog post that you publish directly out of Flock….. without ever going to your blog. In fact, that’s what I’m doing right now. I just dragged a link to the Flock video into this window and am writing this quick summary for you…..all in Flock.

Store interesting articles, links and videos in a special sidebar called the web clipboard. They are all gathered by folders that I can make to organize things so that I can write about them later on. I simply drag the links or videos into a new blog post window and off I go.

So without further rambling…. take a look at the video. This is pretty interesting for those of you with even a passing interest in blogging or social networking of any kind.

End of Excerpt

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