A Huge Change in Twitter Culture in 2010

Ad Age posted a very cool commentary (and a nice info graphic) on a fascinating new development in my favorite Social Media Platform, Twitter.

I’ve always been fascinated by the organic, almost-live nature of Twitter’s open platform. Unlike Facebook, which I think is kind of rigid and certainly highly controlled, Twitter is morphing continuously in terms of how Tweeters use the platform.

Hashtags have been around for a long time on Twitter, but they are becoming vastly more popular as a way of focusing conversations around a topic.

Read More on Ad Age:

“Today I want to share a couple very telling pie charts produced by WTT that underscore a dramatic shift in the way that people used Twitter in 2010 vs. 2009. But first, some background: A few weeks back, responding to the ever-rising presence of so-called hashtag trends on Twitter (e.g., #WillGetYouSlapped, #IfSantaWasBlack, #iconfess, etc.), I wrote a column titled “Twitter Has Pretty Much Officially Become a Gaming Platform,” in which I argued that Twitter was becoming a massive global playground for word-based games of wit. I noted that up-from-nowhere hashtag trends which inspire a global call-and-response are now, increasingly, crowding out real trends tied to breaking news.”

SOCIAL MEDIA: Most Dramatic Change in Twitter Culture in 2010 – Advertising Age – MediaWorks

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